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Message from The Governor H.E. Anne Waiguru, O.G.W., E.G.H.

It’s a great honor to welcome you to Kirinyaga County on the auspicious occasion of the 6th Annual Devolution Conference. This is an important milestone in the maturity of our democracy as a nation.

This year’s Devolution Conference is unique in that it factors greater citizens’ participation in the program and recognizes the need to measure and evaluate our efforts as 47 devolved units in delivering services to Kenyans.

I am personally very gratified to witness what we have achieved together as a nation since devolution began six years ago. As the first Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Planning, I recall the many challenges we faced in implementing a model of governance that was new to us.

Today, Huduma Centers across the country stand as a testament to the success of devolution. The growing automation of government processes that began with the successful implementation of the Integrated Financial Management Information System, (IFMIS) has proved that efficient service delivery and better use of resources to reach every citizen is not only possible but achievable. Through this, and other efforts by both the national government and county governments under the able leadership of the Council of Governors, we stand as a stronger and more prosperous nation six years on.

DesignH.E. Anne Waiguru, O.G.W., E.G.H.
Governor, Kirinyaga County
As Governor of Kirinyaga County, we have a lot to celebrate under devolution. As the fifth smallest county in Kenya, it is a great privilege to represent the Central Kenya region as the Host County of the 6th Annual Devolution Conference. Our vision as a County Government, is to ensure every resident of Kirinyaga is empowered to achieve their fullest potential in an environment of dignity. Towards these ends we work night and day to improve delivery of services in every sector including agriculture, health, trade, environment, gender youth and sports. As you enjoy this publication you will get to see some of the ways devolution has translated into important development outcomes for the people of Kirinyaga.

Lastly, as you participate in this forum over the next few days, I encourage you to spare some time to tour our beautiful county. We have no shortage of scenic waterfalls and historic sites that are waiting to be explored and you will find the people warm and welcoming everywhere you go.

Karibu Kirinyaga.

We are blessed with many natural resources being at the foot of the mountain. We are a rich agrarian county because of this. We grow globally acclaimed coffee, the best aromatic rice in the region and other cash crops including tea, macadamia and horticulture. We have developed a pioneer sub-national policy paper titled The Mountain Cities
2032 as our guiding framework to transform and dignify the lives of the great people of Kirinyaga. Our vision is to make Kirinyaga the Wellness capital of the World by 2032. In 2017/2018 with a development budget of ksh1.2 billion, this report shows what we have been able to achieve towards our vision of transforming the lives of the kirinyaga residents.

Download Kirinyaga County Government One Year Report

In line with my government’s commitment to create market opportunities for Kirinyaga Coffee, I visited Corsini Coffee, a leading coffee roaster in the outskirts of Rome.

I met with Patrick Hoffer , President of Corsini Coffee who is also Chairman of all coffee roasters in Italy and Francesco Sanapo head of Speciality Coffee. I was accompanied by Majority leader Kirinyaga County Assembly, James Murango and Chief Officer Finance & Trade, Sheila Mukunya. The objective of the meeting was to sell Kirinyaga Coffee.

H.E Anne Waiguru a meeting with Italian investors from Marketways International namely; Mr. Pierluigi Bartoloni, Mr. Ventura De Lauretis and Prof. Giuseppe Lepore on rice farming and new development vegetable farming.
The consortium has expressed interest to work with Kirinyaga County to develop new enhanced rice variety (pishori) with a focus to increase from current 80,000 to 160,000 annual yield and also reduce cost of production from current Kshs 48/kg.
The proposed pilot on 300-500acres will utilize new irrigation infrastructure,plant new seeds under dry farming and ultimately expand to rice milking factories as part of agricultural value addition.

H. E Anne Waiguru visited the dry rice farm in the county of Abruzzo, which has very advanced, intensive production that has been created in joint partnership between the private sector and university of alimentary science in order to have of all the certifications and high nutrition standards.
The dry rice farming saves 90% of water in comparison to paddy rice farming, production for 2 acres is 9 tonnes per season and cost of production per Kg is kshs32 while selling price is Kshs822.
If this is introduced in Kirinyaga it would drastically reduce production cost while simultaneously increasing selling price thus economically enabling our farmers from their farming.

Up Close & Personal with the Host County of the 6th Annual Devolution Conference, Kirinyaga County.


To be the health, wellness, organic and resort hub of the world.


To transform and dignify the lives of all kirinyaga people socially and economically through health sector reforms, agricultural value addition, enhanced trade and tourism, urban development, and, youth and women empowerment.

Kirinyaga County Government One Year Report


is an integrated public policy framework that seeks to establish Kirinyaga County as “The Health & Wellness Capital of the World”. This outcome will be achieved through this Sessional Paper No. 1 2018 as a policy framework of an integrated blueprint given the need to model devolution in Africa.


Universal Healthcare as articulated in the big four agenda is a key strategic pillar of the Mountain Cities Health and Wellness Framework. The county is making huge strides in health care reform. As a strategic pillar of the overall Blueprint, it will form the basis of the health reform and its contribution to the development the human development indicators of the County



Through the application of modern agricultural techniques, the Mountain Cities Organic and Industrial Framework seeks to increase efficiency of post- harvest handling, processing and marketing opportunities for farmers within the County. This strategy will be a major determinant of the prices paid, ensuring household nutrition and food security, not only for the region but for the neighboring metropolitan area and global markets.


Urban Development:

The Mountain Cities Urban Planning Framework is a policy outline that defines the county government intervention, structuring land re-adjustment toward sectors that will enhance economic growth within Kirinyaga County. This urban planning approach will be critical in establishing Kirinyaga as a health, wellness organic and resort hub.



Blend within the agricultural and horticultural economy of the region, Kirinyaga County is uniquely positioned as the regions trade and tourism hub. Its proximity to the northern transport corridor is a crucial factor in the development Kirinyaga county as an agri-business nucleus and an adventure tourism circuit.


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